Back in 2015, I decided to change things up in my career a bit and started looking at online teaching through video courses.

I started with two companies, Pluralsight and Udemy, but have since yanked my courses from Udemy for various reasons.

I also started a YouTube channel, which now houses all of my Udemy courses free of charge, in addition to a handful of project videos I did.


If you've never heard of Pluralsight, it's a massive course library offering unlimited access to courses from many different authors on a variety of topics for a monthly or annual fee.

Here are the courses I have authored on the Pluralsight platform:

Using the Speech Recognition and Synthesis .NET APIs - This course covers the basics of adding speech recognition and speech synthesis to your .NET applications.

Using the Web Speech API with AngularJS - This course walks you through how to add speech recognition and speech synthesis capabilities to your web applications using the Web Speech API. AngularJS was a popular framework at the time, so the demo project (a voice-driven photo gallery) is built with the AngularJS framework, but the concepts you learn in this course for working with the Web Speech API can be carried over into applications using other frameworks, as well.


I started a YouTube channel some years ago, but then shut it down, and then spun it back up again a little while later with a different approach in mind.

You'll primarily find tutorial videos on my channel - most of which were moved over from Udemy, as I didn't have much success on that platform.

I have too many videos to list out here individually, but if you want some free tutorial and project videos, head on over to my channel and check them out.