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Hat Tip - Tintin Moon Rocket

Earlier this year, we repainted and redecorated my oldest son's room. He got to choose not only the colors for his walls (with Mom's help), but also a theme.

He'd been interested in rockets a bit and talked, like most kids do, of becoming an astronaut one day, so he decided he wanted his new room to be space-themed.

We ordered prints for his walls and a matching bed set, and my wife added her "splash of color" with new curtains and a lamp. Grammy even topped it off with a nice rocket pillow, which my son always has by his side and has since named "Charlie Rocket".

It was quite the upgrade from the purple room and nature decals the previous homeowners left us, but something was missing. Aside from Charlie Rocket, he really didn't have any tangible space "stuff" to complement his master suite, so, per usual, I took to Thingiverse to see what I could dig up.

There are a lot of neat space-themed projects out there, but given my son's interest in rockets, I homed in on those, and one design in particular, the Tintin Moon Rocket by BrianS2K, caught my attention.

I never read the comics from which this rocket originated - and, to be honest, I didn't even know it was based on a comic until about two minutes before crafting this post - but the simplicity of the design, mixed with the smoke-shaped base and the fact that it didn't have to be glued together made me all giddy like a little school girl, and I just knew my son would love it, too. (Spoiler alert: he did)

So, today, I tip my hat to you, Mr. BrianS2K, for your remix of the Tintin rocket, and for helping me plaster a big smile all over my 4-year-old's face:

Once again, I printed this with one of my favorite filament brands, Hatchbox, using their red, white, and black (there's a hidden center piece to which everything attaches that's black) PLA.

If space is your thing and rockets get you going, then check out BrianS2K's "stellar" design (see what I did there?) on Thingiverse, and show him your appreciation while you're at it. You can tell him Tony sent you, too. (Actually, don't. He has no clue who I am, and he may be a little wigged out by that.)


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