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Hat Tip - Table Hockey Set

As much as I love designing and developing my own projects, I get just as much satisfaction (if not more, sometimes) in replicating projects designed by other people.

As a way of saying "thanks" and acknowledging the hard work and creativity of other individuals in the maker community, I'm kicking off a series called "Hat Tip" where I will highlight projects posted by other designers and makers that I have made.

Today, I tip my hat to shiftydesigns on Thingiverse for his latest design: a table hockey set.

This project is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and it takes only a few hours to print and assemble. I printed my set using red, white, and black PLA filament made by Hatchbox.

My oldest son loves playing at the dining room table, and we'll usually play a game (or three) to seven.

There are clips that you print that hold the net together, so there is no need to bust out the Gorilla Glue® for this one. It may be overkill, but I printed ten clips per net, which keep them held together nice and tight.

If table hockey is your thing, be sure to check this project out using the links above, and be sure to show shiftydesigns your appreciation!

I tip my hat to you, shiftydesigns, and thank you for the hours of entertainment my family and I have had with your project.


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