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Hat Tip - Battery Organizers

With so many things running on batteries these days, especially many of my kids' toys, they are in no short supply in my household. My "junk drawer" was getting a bit cluttered with all of the different kinds of batteries I had in stock (among many other things, such as glues, scissors, pens/pencils, etc), and it was becoming a bit of a problem. Batteries were rolling all over the place and the packages were taking up too much space and kept getting stuck.

It was a hot mess (whatever that means).

Now, I'm usually not a huge organizational junkie (you won't find any Marie Kondo business up in my house, that's for damn sure), but from time to time, I like to tidy things up a bit.

Needing a solution to my so-called "Duracell dilemma", I took to the internet to find an organizer that would fit in a drawer, and per usual, the maker community did not let me down.

Today's hat tip goes out to Zaniix on Thingiverse for his design of the two battery organizers that help keep my house just a little bit tidier:

Printing was a breeze, and no supports were necessary. Of course, I utilized my favorite brand of filament, Hatchbox, and printed these organizers using their red PLA.

If battery overload is a problem in your household, too, you may want to print one or two (or eight) of these bad boys, and be sure to show your appreciation to the designer while you're at it!

I tip my hat to you, Zaniix, for your well-thought-out design and for helping me keep my sanity in this battery powered world we live in.


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