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Generating Code with Yeoman

There are certain aspects of software development that I. just. loathe. Seriously. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but as much as I like to sit down and sling some code, there are things that I find tedious and would rather not do.

And no, I'm not talking about status meetings, Jira updates, release notes, and other administrative tasks that don't involve writing code.

No, I'm talking about project initialization work. Spinning up solutions, adding project references and NuGet packages, wiring up database and service connections, IoC container setup, and so forth.

It's all necessary work, sure, but I find it to be tedious and a bit cumbersome at times.

In this tutorial, I explain how I use a tool called Yeoman to break up the monotony and get my projects up and running quickly with minimal effort.


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